Friday, September 30, 2011

Weekly Wants

Time for me to drool over things that I want but know I cannot afford.

First up is this cute dress from Club Monaco.

Mei Dress
It's cute (the belt is not included) and I think it would be pretty versatile. But at $170, I'm sure I could find a cheaper version.

As I've said before, I really want a cape. But since all the ones I like are expensive, I might go for this poncho.

Latte Poncho

It has the same shape as a cape, but at only $52 it's also something I could afford.

I love handbags almost as much as I love shoes (which is alot). The big thing this season is the clutch. Which I don't actually own. But I'd love to own this one.

Michael Kors Riley Clutch

For a somewhat reasonable $198, it's not too bad. Of course I say "somewhat" because it's not reasonable at all. But it's still adorable and I want one.

I'm a HUGE fan of NCIS. And I'm an ever bigger fan of Abby on the show. Her favorite drink is the Caf-Pow! when trying to solve cases. What's even cooler is that you could buy the Caf-Pow cup and be just like her.

NCIS Caf-Pow! Cup
For only $10, I might splurge a little and get one for myself. So I can be like Abby, minus the whole goth look.

Those are my wants for this week. What are you craving this week?

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  1. Forever 21 had some capes when I went last weekend. Granted they were all red and made me think of little red riding hood, but they weren't expensive!