Saturday, September 3, 2011

Bloomington Farmers' Market

One of the great parts about Bloomington in the summer (besides the lack of students) is the town Farmers' Market. Not only do they have great produce for sale, the bakeries come out and sell their goods for breakfast. This morning it was pretty hot, but I dragged myself downtown to try and find parking and get some good food. A place I've ordered from before, Happy Pig, was there again. If you can't tell, they serve pork products, but also some good vegetarian dishes too (if you're into that sort of thing). But I love pig, so I went for the Notorious P.I.G: a slab of pork belly, maple syrup and a sunny-side-up egg on toast.
It was delicious. A little messy, but when the egg yolk broke, it covered the pork belly in oozy goodness and was amazing. Sadly, I won't be here next weekend, but I will keep going until they stop in November.  If you haven't been to the market yet, I would definitely suggest it.

While I was there, I also picked up peaches, tomatoes and some peppers for a peach salsa I wanted to make. Why keep paying $3.50 a bottle when I can make some myself, right? Peaches are in season, as are tomatoes, so that was easy enough. I also picked up some peppers for a mild spice.
I swear the sign for them said "Little Nipples"
They're tiny, but the woman who ran the stand said that they have the flavor of a habaneros without the large punch. And lets face it, I'm a wuss. I can do without the large punch. They added some good flavor and just a little zing without making me run for some milk. As a blogger, I fail multiple times over. I took some pictures of my salsa making process, but got so into that I don't have any after cutting up peaches. My bad. I plan on making it again (and maybe a much bigger batch) and I promise to take pictures then. I will just say that it is very good and will probably only last me until Tuesday.

Have you been to the Farmers' Market here? What's your favorite stand?

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