Friday, September 30, 2011

Weekly Wants

Time for me to drool over things that I want but know I cannot afford.

First up is this cute dress from Club Monaco.

Mei Dress
It's cute (the belt is not included) and I think it would be pretty versatile. But at $170, I'm sure I could find a cheaper version.

As I've said before, I really want a cape. But since all the ones I like are expensive, I might go for this poncho.

Latte Poncho

It has the same shape as a cape, but at only $52 it's also something I could afford.

I love handbags almost as much as I love shoes (which is alot). The big thing this season is the clutch. Which I don't actually own. But I'd love to own this one.

Michael Kors Riley Clutch

For a somewhat reasonable $198, it's not too bad. Of course I say "somewhat" because it's not reasonable at all. But it's still adorable and I want one.

I'm a HUGE fan of NCIS. And I'm an ever bigger fan of Abby on the show. Her favorite drink is the Caf-Pow! when trying to solve cases. What's even cooler is that you could buy the Caf-Pow cup and be just like her.

NCIS Caf-Pow! Cup
For only $10, I might splurge a little and get one for myself. So I can be like Abby, minus the whole goth look.

Those are my wants for this week. What are you craving this week?

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Shoe #14

I've picked back up the role I'm on. Today I wore another pair of Vans I have.

They're the cute flats that Vans came out with a couple years ago. I bought them while out visiting Jenny in L.A. They're colorful and go with quite a bit.

My top shirt is actually a dress tucked in. I keep wanting to wear it as a dress, but it's rather sheer and I haven't found anything to wear under it yet. And I like the contrasting colors. The only downside with the shoes is that they tend to give me a blister on my heel. So I packed band-aids. Which came in handy. But I refuse to not wear them or they'll never be broken in. Beauty is pain.

Do you still wear shoes despite what they do to your feet?

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Shoe #12 and #13

I have two shoes for you! Last night was my chapter's parent party, where we mingle with the pledges in the hopes to get a kid (kind of like bigs and littles in sororities). I prefer to be comfortable, so I wore my moccasins.

My outfit wasn't exactly stylish, but it was warm. Which was nice considering I stood around for about an hour and a half outside mingling.

See? Not stylish, but I didn't care. And I carried that theme over to today as well.

This is what happens when I sleep in as late as I can and just throw clothes on. Granted, I love my Bob Family shirt, but I kinda look like a guy. Again, I was warm. But I might try a little harder tomorrow. It did let me wear one of my favorite pairs of shoes though.

I think I've had these since high school. And I remember that, a few times after meeting Jenny, she told me she had the same pair. We were destined to be friends. They're broken in and super comfortable. Perfect for jeans and a t shirt.

A quick ending away from the topic. While I have more reading than is probably actually able to be read, I at least have some company.

Timmy helping me study
Tommy watching me study

As soon as I hit the couch to read, I'm lucky to have my lap empty for a half hour or more. They just switch on and off, taking turns to take over my lap, making it impossible to move. But it beats the boredom of all my readings.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Shoe #11

I broke out my old Pumas today in the surprisingly perfect fall weather.

Yes, these are on my cutting board. Yes, I wipe it off after.

The view from my apartment can be misleading. I face a house (which is about 20 feet from my door), with tree coverage between us. While it's nice and shaded, I can never tell if it's raining or overcast or sunny. This morning it looked overcast, but I was happily misled and it was partly sunny and cool. Perfect fall weather.

I always find these shoes somewhat interesting. The laces are set off to the side of the shoe, making it look like I have a serious ankle-rolling problem when I walk. But they're relatively comfortable. And I think they make my feet look smaller because they're a more fitted style.

I threw on my basic jeans and a sweatshirt. I have a tendency to live in this kind of outfit once the weather cools down. I just like to be warm more than fashionable most of the time.

This is my view on the mornings I take mirror-outfit photos:

This is Tommy
First he's upset that I close the door to take the photo, so he has to come in. Then he realizes that it's boring and I won't pet him, so then he sits there until I let him out. Typical cat. The grass is always greener.

Shoe #10

It's been a while on the shoe front. Not that I haven't been wearing different shoes, I just keep forgetting to take pictures of it. I have to step it up if I want to wear all my shoes in the 80 odd days I have left. Today I bring you a pair of boots that I got while studying abroad in Athens.

They're leather and canvas, with laces up the back.

I didn't treat myself very often over there (mainly because groceries and souvenirs kept me in check) but I did splurge on shoes. And these are one of those pairs. I wore them with *gasp* jeggings and a sweater. I know that I am always harping on how leggings are not pants, but I did it anyways. And in all honesty, they just look like skinny jeans.

This is a horrible picture

I would like to point out that I know this is a horrible picture. My apartment is normally always cluttered, there's one of my cats in the background (which is also typical) and I look out of it. But if you block all that out and focus on the outfit, then we're good.

Yesterday was the first time in two days that it didn't rain. My dad and my brother came to visit me Sunday night (that's who took the picture). We headed to the local sports bar to watch my Packers beat the Bears. On Monday we had breakfast at the Village Deli (my all-time favorite Btown breakfast spot) before they left. And this outfit was perfect for the cool fall weather that we had. (I wish it would come back. It's again overcast and rainy out again.)

And while I'm glad and excited to be graduating in 80-something days, I don't have much time left to wear all my shoes. Or visit all my favorite Btown places. Or look for a job. So I'm kind of stressing out. But then again, I do it to myself.

Today is a new day and (hopefully) a new pair of shoes!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

My Music Crush

I recently refound the band that I fell in love with while in Greece. They played on their version of MTV (which played actual music, go figure).

Melisses (which means Honey in Greek) caught my attention with a hit called "Epikindina Filia." It had a great beat and, although I don't actually know the majority of the words, it's still really catchy. I played it almost every morning while getting ready after hearing it on Samos.

Here's a page with the English translation, if you're interested. Epikindia filia in English means Dangerous Kisses.

They have songs in English which are pretty catchy as well. And of course other good Greek songs (of which I know a word or two). But honestly, I don't think we actually need to understand the words to enjoy a song. How many of us actually pay attention to what we're singing when we sing along with a song?

I suggest you check them out (here's their YouTube page), if for nothing more than to say you know of a Greek pop band.

And if any of the Greek guys who hit on me overseas would have looked like them, I would have actually given them a chance. As long as they didn't call me over like a dog. True story.

Are you a fan of a band or music from another country?

Friday, September 23, 2011

Weekly Wants

I've decided to round up all the things I see that I want and put them all together in one weekly post, instead of multiple ones every other day. Apparently I just crave a lot of stuff. And I plan on putting them out on Fridays. Why Fridays? Because to me, Friday is the end of the week and the beginning of fun and some relaxation. A perfect time for some fun stuff.

To start off my first edition of Weekly Wants, I bring you two adorable items from Coach this season.
Kristin Elevated Pebble Grain Leather Large Flap Satchel
I found this while innocently surfing the Coach website (I daydream). I love the classic feel of this bag. And the fact that it doesn't scream out "I'M COACH," like the other bag I own. However, the $698 price tag is far higher than my other one. And so I continue to daydream.

And to compliment my purse in my daydream, I would add this beautiful cape.
Bonnie Cape
It looks flat (obviously), but I fell in love with it when Christine of court & hudson showed it off on her blog. I've wanted a cape all summer for this fall and, sadly, I REALLY want this one. But again, at $498, it may be a while. Like, in two more falls.

In more realistic shopping, I am in love with ModCloth. They have alot of cute, original and retro pieces that I can see myself wearing (and affording).

Take this dress, for instance.

Sci Fi Heroine Dress
It's so unique yet so cute that I have to have it. And at only $47.99, it's something I could actually afford as well.

And, if you haven't noticed by the title of this blog, I love coffee. Which means that I collect coffee mugs. I have a pretty decent collection at this point, but I love adding to it. This mug was meant to be in that collection.

Whisker While You Work Mug
Something to make me smile at 7am, before I've finished my first cup of coffee. While $12.99 seems high for a coffee mug, I've paid more for mugs from Disneyland. And it's cute, which is all the justification I need.

I know that I tend to focus on food and fashion, but I saw these and think that they're such a great idea.
Chalkboard Office Accessories
How neat of an idea is that? I would go crazy with organizing and labeling (which sometimes I admit I need). The prices range from $4.50 to about $40. But think of how long and how often you'll use it.

While there are a TON of things I've seen this week that I want, these have to be my top favorites. Are you fans of any of them? Do you ever find yourself wanting the most expensive stuff, as I often do?

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Shoe #9

Last night was our Induction ceremony for the newest pledge class. Wearing business professional makes me feel professional and it gives me a chance to wear a lot of my heels.

I have pants that go with the suit as well. I will be wearing it all day tomorrow as well for a job fair later in the afternoon - which means another pair of shoes to wear!

It may be surprising (or not for those of you that know me), but I own more than one pair of plain red heels. They're not as broken in as the other pair, but they're getting there.

So expect another pair of heels with this suit tomorrow. I get to trudge across campus with a backpack, while wearing a suit and heels. Should be fun.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Some More Wants

I know I haven't posted a different shoe lately, but I have to dress up in business professional tonight, so I will post those tomorrow. I figure I'll be pretty tired when I get home, but they are coming. To tide you over, I have just a couple more things to add to my "Want" list.

I fell in love with this jacket from one of the blogs I read.
The Waldron
This is from the Olga Road collection, which upcycles leather jackets. Basically, they take old, unwanted leather jackets and turn them into new, adorable ones. And for $168, they're not that expensive. My birthday is around the corner and I'm all for gifts for yourself :)

I add yet another pair of shoes to this list as well. Toms, the shoe I love and lived in over the summer, has come out with a limited edition college selection.
See those red and white ones? Perfect for IU. Cream and Crimson, Red and White - close enough. A majority of the IU shirts on campus are a nice, bright red. Not a dark crimson. And again, at $48, they're a steal. And super comfy. This may happen as well.

What are on your "Want" lists? I find a lot of these from other bloggers. Where do you find yours?

Sunday, September 18, 2011

So. Much. Reading.

My brain is slowly shutting down after having already read 200+ pages for classes. I need a small break. So I figured I'd post pictures of my trip to D.C. to visit my mom and hang out with my best friend Jenny. We christened the week "The D.C. Cupcake Tour."
Jenny and I wandering through Old Town Alexandria
Cupcake place #1: Alexandria Cupcakes
Jenny at Washington Monument
Me at the Washington Monument
Cupcake place #2: Crumbs Bakery
Cupcake place #3: Red Velvet Cupcakery
Reflecting pool at the World War II Memorial
Cupcake Place #4: Sprinkles
Last cupcake place of the Tour: Georgetown Cupcakes a.k.a. D.C. Cupcakes
Jenny and I "surviving" the Virginia Earthquake of 2011
And to commemorate our Tour, matching cupcake tattoos
I was (and still am) so grateful to my Dad for flying Jenny out to visit me, and my mom for surprising me and letting her stay with us. I had a blast and can't wait for our next Cupcake Tour :D

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Some Touch-ups and a New Want

You might see things looking a little different for a bit. I'm trying to make the blog more reader friendly and less sterile. Bare with me as I try to figure things out.

In other news, I have a new bag that I am craving.
From Cast of Vices
I saw this bag on one of the blogs I read and I had to look it up. I know I don't need another purse, but I really WANT this one. I love the upscale version of the plastic grocery bag. Unfortunately, I don't have $178 (let alone the larger one for $218) sitting around. If I did, I'd also be buying these shoes:
From Steve Madden
I saw these in the Steve Madden store while out in D.C. and wanted them so badly, but couldn't afford them. Now they're $30 cheaper online. Major dilemma. I can justify the purchase of any shoe, but do I really need them?

And I'm sure I could find a place to wear the shoes and bag together...

Friday, September 16, 2011

Shoe #8

I'm on a roll with my shoe challenge. But only because I know that once the snow hits I'll be living in the same boots day in and day out. Since today is Friday and I just sit at work all day, I attempted a new outfit.
This is the only pair of skinny jeans I own and I only ever wear it with boots (discounting Greece, when I had a very limited wardrobe to start with). And I'm loving this fall weather, but I tend to get chilly.

This is one of my favorite throw on sweaters, but it doesn't close and can get annoying. Solution = belt. This is actual the first time I've worn these boots, even though I've had them for more than a year.
Slightly (but not really) funny story about these boots. I bought a pair just like them from DSW (my downfall store). I liked them, but they were a tad big. My mom had these boots, which were a tad small on her. So we traded. And these fit perfectly.

And because I've been forcing myself to wake up around 6:30ish (depending on the day) in the morning each day, I had the energy to try something with my hair. (Why on earth would I do that, you ask? I'm trying to convince myself each morning to go for a run, but I end up on the computer with my coffee instead. One of these days).

My (bad picture of a) fishtail braid
I attempted a fishtail braid for the first time. I love the look and could never figure out how it's done until a friend of mine had one and explained it to me. Still, I followed the instructions on The Beauty Department's website (with the help of Lauren Conrad!) to get a reminder. After 2 failed attempts, I finally got something that resembles a good braid. And I'm sure it'll get easier as I keep doing it.

Does anyone have any good suggestion for making the braid easier? Or maybe suggestions on actually getting myself to run in the mornings?

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Shoes #6 and #7

That's right, I wore two new pairs of shoes in one day!

I have resigned myself to the fact that I am a normal, lazy college student alot of days. I didn't feel like really trying with an outfit, so I went for the standard "workout" look.
I'm getting sick of mirror pictures
I know that I have been known to go on mini-rants about leggings, but for the record, they are Victoria's Secret Pink capri yoga pants. Which I don't count as the same thing. Yes, that's how my mind works. Throw on a tank top and a Kilroy's shirt on top and I'm done. I really like my shoes for this outfit though.
It's difficult to see in this picture, but these are the Reebok Shape-Up shoes with the bubble soles. The pink circles on the sole stick out just enough to force your legs to work a little harder when walking. And they don't look as dorky or obvious as the Skechers version. I feel a little healthier when I wear them, regardless of if they actually work or not.

My second outfit of the day was for the 9/11 Commission event dinner, which was held in the Federal Room at the IMU. I've never been in there and it is REALLY nice. Obviously only used for formal dinners. I mingled with some other vets and ate some of the hors d'oeuvres, which was a grape wrapped in goat cheese and crushed pistachios (OMG was it good). Unfortunately, I had to leave to pick up Senator Kerrey before any of the food came out. I'm sure it was all good. I mean, you don't serve the 9/11 Commission crappy food. 

Anywhoo, I wore what I would call business casual.
I had on a nice pair of dress pants (I own far too many) and a nice sweater. I tried on every business button-up shirt I own. I came to the conclusion that those are really only good with my suits. This look still worked. I wore my silver heels, which are super comfy and broken in.
I paired the outfit with my new Coach purse that I got for STEAL on Etsy. It's nice and nondescript, compared to the other Coach bag I have which just screams "I am COACH and waaaay too expensive." It fit all that I needed for the night, plus a book, just in case the ride up was boring. Here's a better view of the purse:
And my cat in the background, of course
It's my favorite steal so far. I have only paid full price for one of my bags. My Coach wallet I got for about a third of it's original price on Ebay while I was deployed. I just can't see paying the original and outrageous price for things like this. 

I thought the outfit was a little plain, so I added one of my great-grandmother's pins. 
Love mirror shots when I'm not even looking at the camera
The limo ride was awesome. I could get used to not driving myself and sitting in a super comfy backseat. It was an honor to meet Senator Kerrey and we talked multiple times about my future plans and careers. It was a late night, but worth it to me. I will be attending the event today and I'm hoping to run backstage real quick after to say goodbye to Senator Kerrey and give him my contact information (which he said he wanted and would pass on to some people who could help me get a job - heck to the yes). 

Two shoes in one day AND I got to meet important and influential people. Wednesday Win.