Monday, September 19, 2011

Some More Wants

I know I haven't posted a different shoe lately, but I have to dress up in business professional tonight, so I will post those tomorrow. I figure I'll be pretty tired when I get home, but they are coming. To tide you over, I have just a couple more things to add to my "Want" list.

I fell in love with this jacket from one of the blogs I read.
The Waldron
This is from the Olga Road collection, which upcycles leather jackets. Basically, they take old, unwanted leather jackets and turn them into new, adorable ones. And for $168, they're not that expensive. My birthday is around the corner and I'm all for gifts for yourself :)

I add yet another pair of shoes to this list as well. Toms, the shoe I love and lived in over the summer, has come out with a limited edition college selection.
See those red and white ones? Perfect for IU. Cream and Crimson, Red and White - close enough. A majority of the IU shirts on campus are a nice, bright red. Not a dark crimson. And again, at $48, they're a steal. And super comfy. This may happen as well.

What are on your "Want" lists? I find a lot of these from other bloggers. Where do you find yours?

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  1. i like the ones right underneath the orange and white ones. i really want another pair of toms! and i can't wait for the flats to come out!