Thursday, September 15, 2011

Shoes #6 and #7

That's right, I wore two new pairs of shoes in one day!

I have resigned myself to the fact that I am a normal, lazy college student alot of days. I didn't feel like really trying with an outfit, so I went for the standard "workout" look.
I'm getting sick of mirror pictures
I know that I have been known to go on mini-rants about leggings, but for the record, they are Victoria's Secret Pink capri yoga pants. Which I don't count as the same thing. Yes, that's how my mind works. Throw on a tank top and a Kilroy's shirt on top and I'm done. I really like my shoes for this outfit though.
It's difficult to see in this picture, but these are the Reebok Shape-Up shoes with the bubble soles. The pink circles on the sole stick out just enough to force your legs to work a little harder when walking. And they don't look as dorky or obvious as the Skechers version. I feel a little healthier when I wear them, regardless of if they actually work or not.

My second outfit of the day was for the 9/11 Commission event dinner, which was held in the Federal Room at the IMU. I've never been in there and it is REALLY nice. Obviously only used for formal dinners. I mingled with some other vets and ate some of the hors d'oeuvres, which was a grape wrapped in goat cheese and crushed pistachios (OMG was it good). Unfortunately, I had to leave to pick up Senator Kerrey before any of the food came out. I'm sure it was all good. I mean, you don't serve the 9/11 Commission crappy food. 

Anywhoo, I wore what I would call business casual.
I had on a nice pair of dress pants (I own far too many) and a nice sweater. I tried on every business button-up shirt I own. I came to the conclusion that those are really only good with my suits. This look still worked. I wore my silver heels, which are super comfy and broken in.
I paired the outfit with my new Coach purse that I got for STEAL on Etsy. It's nice and nondescript, compared to the other Coach bag I have which just screams "I am COACH and waaaay too expensive." It fit all that I needed for the night, plus a book, just in case the ride up was boring. Here's a better view of the purse:
And my cat in the background, of course
It's my favorite steal so far. I have only paid full price for one of my bags. My Coach wallet I got for about a third of it's original price on Ebay while I was deployed. I just can't see paying the original and outrageous price for things like this. 

I thought the outfit was a little plain, so I added one of my great-grandmother's pins. 
Love mirror shots when I'm not even looking at the camera
The limo ride was awesome. I could get used to not driving myself and sitting in a super comfy backseat. It was an honor to meet Senator Kerrey and we talked multiple times about my future plans and careers. It was a late night, but worth it to me. I will be attending the event today and I'm hoping to run backstage real quick after to say goodbye to Senator Kerrey and give him my contact information (which he said he wanted and would pass on to some people who could help me get a job - heck to the yes). 

Two shoes in one day AND I got to meet important and influential people. Wednesday Win.

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