Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Shoe #12 and #13

I have two shoes for you! Last night was my chapter's parent party, where we mingle with the pledges in the hopes to get a kid (kind of like bigs and littles in sororities). I prefer to be comfortable, so I wore my moccasins.

My outfit wasn't exactly stylish, but it was warm. Which was nice considering I stood around for about an hour and a half outside mingling.

See? Not stylish, but I didn't care. And I carried that theme over to today as well.

This is what happens when I sleep in as late as I can and just throw clothes on. Granted, I love my Bob Family shirt, but I kinda look like a guy. Again, I was warm. But I might try a little harder tomorrow. It did let me wear one of my favorite pairs of shoes though.

I think I've had these since high school. And I remember that, a few times after meeting Jenny, she told me she had the same pair. We were destined to be friends. They're broken in and super comfortable. Perfect for jeans and a t shirt.

A quick ending away from the topic. While I have more reading than is probably actually able to be read, I at least have some company.

Timmy helping me study
Tommy watching me study

As soon as I hit the couch to read, I'm lucky to have my lap empty for a half hour or more. They just switch on and off, taking turns to take over my lap, making it impossible to move. But it beats the boredom of all my readings.

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  1. notice how the things that destined us to be friends were shoes? and the fact that we drank that silly energy drink before being forced to sit through a long something or other in the auditorium. and getting the shakes.