Friday, September 16, 2011

Shoe #8

I'm on a roll with my shoe challenge. But only because I know that once the snow hits I'll be living in the same boots day in and day out. Since today is Friday and I just sit at work all day, I attempted a new outfit.
This is the only pair of skinny jeans I own and I only ever wear it with boots (discounting Greece, when I had a very limited wardrobe to start with). And I'm loving this fall weather, but I tend to get chilly.

This is one of my favorite throw on sweaters, but it doesn't close and can get annoying. Solution = belt. This is actual the first time I've worn these boots, even though I've had them for more than a year.
Slightly (but not really) funny story about these boots. I bought a pair just like them from DSW (my downfall store). I liked them, but they were a tad big. My mom had these boots, which were a tad small on her. So we traded. And these fit perfectly.

And because I've been forcing myself to wake up around 6:30ish (depending on the day) in the morning each day, I had the energy to try something with my hair. (Why on earth would I do that, you ask? I'm trying to convince myself each morning to go for a run, but I end up on the computer with my coffee instead. One of these days).

My (bad picture of a) fishtail braid
I attempted a fishtail braid for the first time. I love the look and could never figure out how it's done until a friend of mine had one and explained it to me. Still, I followed the instructions on The Beauty Department's website (with the help of Lauren Conrad!) to get a reminder. After 2 failed attempts, I finally got something that resembles a good braid. And I'm sure it'll get easier as I keep doing it.

Does anyone have any good suggestion for making the braid easier? Or maybe suggestions on actually getting myself to run in the mornings?

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