Sunday, May 29, 2011

AT is Over!

I haven't posted for almost a month because I've been stuck in Illinois driving trucks around the state. I had to do my "two weeks a year" with the National Guard, which ended up being three weeks. I technically had weekends off, but one of those weekends was drill, so I only had one and worked almost two weeks straight. The guys I was with made it interesting and fun, but I am glad to be home and back at IU. And I'm excited to be able to eat home-cooked food instead of constantly eating out. Now that I'm home, I will try to post more often :)

I lived off of coffee during my three weeks and it brought my caffeine addiction to a whole new level.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Droid

I broke down at upgraded my phone to a smart phone. I was resistant to having to pay an extra $30 a month for the data package. But then my non-smart phone I'd been using started shutting itself off more frequently and I knew I needed a new one. So I upgraded to the Droid 2, with the keyboard (I cannot type on a screen to save my life).

And I'm already addicted. I've downloaded all the fun applications, like Word with Friends and Jewel. I also downloaded this free app that takes really cool pictures, with 4 or 5 different cameras to choose from:
My Tom in a photo from one of the camera options. So cute.

I love it already. The only downside I've seen is that the battery lasts about 4 or 5 hours when I check it and play with it. And when I unplug it overnight I have to plug it back in in the morning. Otherwise, I really do like it. Let's hope it's not my version of a crackberry.  

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Spanish Sunday

I woke up at 10 A.M. and made some coffee and started re-writing my Spanish notes. I finished those and moved on to studying my Spanish since the beginning of the semester (did I mention I hate cumulative finals?). I took a break around 3:30 before my brain exploded and watched a bit of tv, went to an IUDM meeting and then to Senior Goodbyes at Nicks English Hut. It's a meeting of our DSP Chapter when everyone can say goodbye to the seniors and they can say goodbye to us. It was a good time, but some tears were shed. I tried my hardest not to cry but I was pretty darn close at one point. And after that, I can back home and have been studying ever since. I can't wait for tomorrow at 12:15 to be done with this. My brain hurts. All the Spanish seems to be seeping out and I keep swearing I'm going to fail. Maaaaahhhhhh Finals.
I <3 Coffee right now.