Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Challenge to Myself

I'm challenging myself. I just counted, and I have 47 pairs of shoes in my apartment at the moment (including my running shoes, but not including the 3 I left at my mom's). I want to see if I can wear every single pair at least once this semester.

In theory, this shouldn't be all that difficult. There are 116 days left in this semester. I could wear all the pairs twice, and some a third time. But I know myself. I tend to get stuck in a shoe rut. I'll wear the same Toms or the same boots over and over again. I wear my to go to shoes repeatedly while leaving some more interesting shoes sitting in my closet. Sometimes I just don't know where to wear them. Or I don't feel like wandering around in heels on campus. Or I am too chicken to take a fashion risk. But that is going to change.

I challenge myself to wear all my shoes at least once, starting tomorrow. And I think I have an idea for an outfit, if I don't chicken out. Hopefully, this will force me to take more fashion risks. Some I probably won't wear until it cools down (like my fuzzy and warm winter boots) and some are appropriate only for a night out (like my over the knee heels I bought in Athens). But it will happen. And it will all be documented here.

I leave you with something completely off the subject, but it made me laugh.

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