Saturday, September 17, 2011

Some Touch-ups and a New Want

You might see things looking a little different for a bit. I'm trying to make the blog more reader friendly and less sterile. Bare with me as I try to figure things out.

In other news, I have a new bag that I am craving.
From Cast of Vices
I saw this bag on one of the blogs I read and I had to look it up. I know I don't need another purse, but I really WANT this one. I love the upscale version of the plastic grocery bag. Unfortunately, I don't have $178 (let alone the larger one for $218) sitting around. If I did, I'd also be buying these shoes:
From Steve Madden
I saw these in the Steve Madden store while out in D.C. and wanted them so badly, but couldn't afford them. Now they're $30 cheaper online. Major dilemma. I can justify the purchase of any shoe, but do I really need them?

And I'm sure I could find a place to wear the shoes and bag together...