Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Shoe #3

Tonight, my business fraternity is having their first recruitment event, Meet the Chapter. It's basically where those interested in rushing come to see what our chapter is all about. It's usually pretty fun, I've just sat through waaay too many of them at this point. But, I get to dress up in my business professional finest. Which is another excuse to wear my heels.
I hate doing black and white for business, so I own a couple suits and pants in different shades of neutrals, and then throw my brighter shirts with them. I top them off with bright heels, and I'm good to go.
These are some of my favorite heels, and they're pretty worn in (and comfortable!) And red with pink is in this fall, so I don't look like I'm partially color blind.

Well, off to make conversation with alot of nervous strangers!

1 comment:

  1. the nine west ones you had at your mom's would have gone perfect with this outfit! although, i do like the red heels because they've been worn by me too! haha