Monday, September 12, 2011

The Third Week

It may only be the third week of classes, but staying afloat right now is taking a lot.
This is what I'd rather be doing
Classes aren't too bad. There are ALOT of readings, but I am taking 2 seminar classes, an undergrad law class, and two more intensive classes. I can usually keep up with the readings and do all my note taking on the weekends. I haven't fallen too far behind yet.

I am lucky enough to be a (small) part of the 9/11 Commission Panel Discussion that will be taking place this week. I am escorting one of the commissioners, Bob Kerrey, from the airport to campus, as kind of a more personal IU welcome. I am excited about it, as he's a pretty cool big wig, and a fellow vet (who received the Medal of Honor no less). There's a dinner Wednesday night that I am attending before being whisked away in a limo (I'm not joking) to pick up the Senator at the airport. The panel is then Thursday at 2pm. The only downside is that I have a full day of classes from 11:15 to 3:45. I am going to try to talk to my professors tomorrow to see if they'll let me miss class. In theory I can miss class, I just want to be able to turn in homework and whatnot that is due on that day. But all this running around means trying to squeeze in homework, DSP stuffs and things like sleep and food.

In more fashionable news, I gave up today and threw on jeans and a DSP tank top with my Toms. I will try for a little more effort tomorrow. And I had drill this weekend, so the only shoes I wore were my combat boots. Oh so attractive.

The only piece of laundry on my bed of course
Off to more class readings before bed. Anyone else overwhelmed with class work, or is it just me and my major?

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