Friday, September 23, 2011

Weekly Wants

I've decided to round up all the things I see that I want and put them all together in one weekly post, instead of multiple ones every other day. Apparently I just crave a lot of stuff. And I plan on putting them out on Fridays. Why Fridays? Because to me, Friday is the end of the week and the beginning of fun and some relaxation. A perfect time for some fun stuff.

To start off my first edition of Weekly Wants, I bring you two adorable items from Coach this season.
Kristin Elevated Pebble Grain Leather Large Flap Satchel
I found this while innocently surfing the Coach website (I daydream). I love the classic feel of this bag. And the fact that it doesn't scream out "I'M COACH," like the other bag I own. However, the $698 price tag is far higher than my other one. And so I continue to daydream.

And to compliment my purse in my daydream, I would add this beautiful cape.
Bonnie Cape
It looks flat (obviously), but I fell in love with it when Christine of court & hudson showed it off on her blog. I've wanted a cape all summer for this fall and, sadly, I REALLY want this one. But again, at $498, it may be a while. Like, in two more falls.

In more realistic shopping, I am in love with ModCloth. They have alot of cute, original and retro pieces that I can see myself wearing (and affording).

Take this dress, for instance.

Sci Fi Heroine Dress
It's so unique yet so cute that I have to have it. And at only $47.99, it's something I could actually afford as well.

And, if you haven't noticed by the title of this blog, I love coffee. Which means that I collect coffee mugs. I have a pretty decent collection at this point, but I love adding to it. This mug was meant to be in that collection.

Whisker While You Work Mug
Something to make me smile at 7am, before I've finished my first cup of coffee. While $12.99 seems high for a coffee mug, I've paid more for mugs from Disneyland. And it's cute, which is all the justification I need.

I know that I tend to focus on food and fashion, but I saw these and think that they're such a great idea.
Chalkboard Office Accessories
How neat of an idea is that? I would go crazy with organizing and labeling (which sometimes I admit I need). The prices range from $4.50 to about $40. But think of how long and how often you'll use it.

While there are a TON of things I've seen this week that I want, these have to be my top favorites. Are you fans of any of them? Do you ever find yourself wanting the most expensive stuff, as I often do?

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  1. or you could just buy the chalkboard paint and paint anything chalkboard!