Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Shoe #10

It's been a while on the shoe front. Not that I haven't been wearing different shoes, I just keep forgetting to take pictures of it. I have to step it up if I want to wear all my shoes in the 80 odd days I have left. Today I bring you a pair of boots that I got while studying abroad in Athens.

They're leather and canvas, with laces up the back.

I didn't treat myself very often over there (mainly because groceries and souvenirs kept me in check) but I did splurge on shoes. And these are one of those pairs. I wore them with *gasp* jeggings and a sweater. I know that I am always harping on how leggings are not pants, but I did it anyways. And in all honesty, they just look like skinny jeans.

This is a horrible picture

I would like to point out that I know this is a horrible picture. My apartment is normally always cluttered, there's one of my cats in the background (which is also typical) and I look out of it. But if you block all that out and focus on the outfit, then we're good.

Yesterday was the first time in two days that it didn't rain. My dad and my brother came to visit me Sunday night (that's who took the picture). We headed to the local sports bar to watch my Packers beat the Bears. On Monday we had breakfast at the Village Deli (my all-time favorite Btown breakfast spot) before they left. And this outfit was perfect for the cool fall weather that we had. (I wish it would come back. It's again overcast and rainy out again.)

And while I'm glad and excited to be graduating in 80-something days, I don't have much time left to wear all my shoes. Or visit all my favorite Btown places. Or look for a job. So I'm kind of stressing out. But then again, I do it to myself.

Today is a new day and (hopefully) a new pair of shoes!

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