Sunday, April 10, 2011

An Unproductive Sunday

Whatever high hopes I had to get lots of things done today disappeared as soon as it reached 80 degrees here. In my apartment no less. That kind of heat just takes all my motivation. Instead, I grocery shopped and watched episodes on Netfix and Hulu. And took pictures of my crazy cats. Which I will now post here.
Bella all stretched out while I watched Kitchen Nightmares. I stopped throwing the hair tie so she decided a nap sounded good.
Tom watching me as I make Lentil Soup. He has his own designated spot on top of the fridge when I cook, otherwise he's underfoot and constantly yelling and pawing at me.
Tim joined me as I sat down to try and do actual work. He loves to sit like this, whether its on top of my desk or the edge of the couch.

Well, off to studying. I promised myself and episode of Archer if I reviewed all my slides from one of my classes :)

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