Thursday, April 7, 2011

My Fall Schedule

Advisors are great. At least mine are. I thought that after the summer I'd only have 6 needed credits to graduate. In actuality, it's 15. Like I said, I like my advisors. Without them I probably wouldn't be graduating this December - cause I screwed up my own graduation plan. But with both my summer and fall classes I will be a proud December 2011 graduate :D

Here are some of the classes I'll be taking...all upper level of course.

- PolySci Y490 Politics of Economic Crisis. My required senior poly sci intensive writing class. It seemed the most interesting. It about the current economic crisis (obviously) and how that affects politics across the country.
- PolySci Y360 US Foreign Policy. Its about US foreign policy post-1945. And it randomly meets in the optometry building...odd.
- PolySci Y304 Constitutional Law. Basically what it looks like. I have NO plans on going to law school, but it was above a 300-level and fit in my schedule without being ridiculously early or late. 
- Anthropology P399 Sex & Gender in the Ancient World. Basically what it says its about. We'll be looking at ancient texts and art. There was a content warning in the description, so that means it should be good ;)
-Anthropology P430 Archaeology of Violence and Conflict. By the same teacher as Sex & Gender, but about how violence affected ancient and modern peoples.

So this fall semester shouldn't be too bad. Except that I have to start seriously looking for a job. Like, starting end of July/ beginning of August. Then I'll start to be stressed. But not too much until then.

Welcome to my typical day at my apartment. You can replace "sock" with sweater, backpack, computer, papers, magazines...basically anything I own that isn't hung up or put away. Yet another reason I like my room to be clean.


  1. you sure you don't wanna work in a preschool? we'll need assistants.

  2. Haha Except that I can't stand little kids...only problem.