Monday, April 4, 2011

I Hate Flo

I started my new Pilates Reformer class yesterday (the one that uses the machine). I personally liked it. There were 3 of us there with the max that can be in the class being 6 (the number of machines they have). I've never done Pilates before, so it was interesting. There were some moves that I could really feel working and I was shaking while doing them. I didn't feel some of the others as much, but I think it may be because my instructor set me on low resistance since it was my first time. Next time I'll use more and hopefully get a stronger workout. But I do like it so far.

Flo and I have parted ways. I got a letter Saturday stating that my insurance was up in May and I would not be asked to renew it because I "changed residencies." Which was news to me. I'm technically still at my Dad's house in Illinois because I am still an Illinois resident. However, Progressive considers me an Indiana resident because I spend my school year here. So I asked them how I was supposed to get Indiana insurance with Illinois registration and plates. They told me to re-register my car in Indiana. How do I do that if I'm not a resident? They didn't know.

They said if my Dad had a car in storage and I was on his insurance, it would be ok for me to have my car at school...which really isn't any different than what I'm doing now, except for that I have my own insurance. Long story short, I yelled at the customer service rep for basically penalizing me for being a student and hung up. I then searched for a new car insurance quote, which wasn't super easy because of the three accidents my old car had (none of which were my fault of course). I finally settled with Allstate, who gave me a good price plus multiple discounts. I called Progressive back to cancel my insurance with them. The customer service guy asked why I was canceling, to which I replied that they were trying to "screw me over." That threw him off. I'm glad to move on to a (hopefully) better insurance company. I would recommend NEVER using Progressive. Just from personal experience.  

I saw this on Stumble and the cat looks just like my Tommy...but I'm sure he'd be trying to catch the mouse, not let it own him. This week is looking like it'll be pretty hectic, so I'm off to work out and do some homework before bed. Later!

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  1. Progressive people are dumb. for the entire 3 years I lived in Indiana I had Indiana insurance with California plates and registration. State Farm didn't seem to care about that and then when I moved back to California it was really easy to switch back.

    but I hate Flo anyway, she's way too damn perky to be someone selling car insurance