Friday, April 8, 2011

My New Favorite Website

While at work (I do actual work there too - but on really slow Fridays I surf the web, so shoot me), I came across a new website that is so entertaining that I feel I am now addicted. Its made by a guy who looks into the most random and interesting things that you've always wanted to know about but never actually sat down to do.

For example, we all know its cheaper to drink at home, but when's the last time you sat down to figure out a Long Island Ice Tea would cost $1.28 to make at home (so one on $2 Tuesday is a deal - and I don't have to figure out how to make it!). This guy has.

I make my own coffee at home and I know in the long run it saves me lots of money. One bag of the "good" coffee from my local specialty grocery store costs around $2.99/lb. Even if I buy 2 or 3 pounds, it pays for itself after 2 cups compared to Starbucks. But this guy found that one pound of coffee can make 3.2 gallons at around 64 cents/gallon. Makes me feel so much better about buying my creamer - the most expensive part of my coffee addiction.

He also discovers if there are actually 360 threads in a 360-thread count sheet, how much gold is in Goldschlager, and how many CDs a Sharpie can label. I want to know what this guy does for a living and how he has so much free time to do things like this. Seriously. Good time management.

Back to work...and blog stalking...

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