Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Zombie Day

Happy Zombie Day! When all the Christians celebrate the day a dead guy apparently came back to life. To me, it means hanging out with friends and an excuse to have some good food. I was going to try something I never have before - lamb. Or, more precisely, cooking lamb. I got a whole leg of lamb for Easter lunch/dinner. The menu for our Easter dinner was:

   - Deviled Eggs (by Jess)
   - Cream Cheese Ball (also by Jess)
   - Shrimp Cocktail (again, by Jess)
   - Stuffed Mushrooms (also, again, by Jess)
   - Mango and Salmon Crustinis (by Tyler - they tasted like sushi and were pretty darn good)
   - Roasted Leg of Lamb with Garlic and Rosemary
   - Cheesy Mashed Potatoes
   - Green Bean Casserole (a delish recipe from one of my favorite cooking blogs, here)
   - Rolls and Butter
   - Chocolate Cheesecake with fresh fruit (made by my dad - soooooooo good)

Here's the delicious leg of lamb resting right out of the oven:
And after my Dad carved it:
It was delicious and turned out not to bad all that hard. I will definitely try to cook a leg of lamb again.

In another post of random cat pictures, Bella decided she wanted to lay in probably the most random spot. My coffee table top lifts so you can eat, drink, read, etc off of it. Bella decided the spaces underneath looked like a good spot to lie...
And, in normal cat way, if it's between something with a purpose to be used by cats and almost trash, the cat will always go with almost trash:
Hmmm cat-bed or box-top? Of course the box-top, cause it's not supposed to be used as a bed. It was a good Easter and I'm still full!

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