Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Blonde Ain't Cheap

I figured it was time to go back blonde, with the weather warming up and all. But since I dyed my hair brown, that's easier said than done. In order to turn brown hair back to blonde, you have to strip the color, which damages the hair and, done wrong, turns it orange. To avoid that horrible outcome, I went to get my hair done professionally. And because I had roots growing in, they had to first do a root touch up, so that all the bleached hair would be bleached the same. Here's a before:
And a during:
My head felt huge with all the foil on. Must be what Charlie Sheen feels like (Ba-dum-bum). But it took almost 2 hours putting all them in.
Ta-Da! Almost 5.5 hours later, I have mostly blonde but still some brown hair. It's a lot lighter than before. Anything lighter would probably cause my hair to fall out. Not cool. So as my hair grows out, it at least won't be as noticeable. And no more dying darker...too much work to dye it back!

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