Monday, April 11, 2011

Real Food!

I stopped by the butcher today. I didn't know that Bloomington had one, let alone right in my backyard (if I had one). Its almost right behind my apartment complex. The Butcher's Block was amazing. It had almost any meat you could think of. I bought chicken and lamb, but they also have rabbit, seafoods, bison, alligator, pheasant, beef, turkey, pork and so much more. All in different cuts and ground on site.
They package them in paper too...I know it's dorky but its like I was kind of transported back in time. And I like it. I also feel better buy meat there as everything is local (except maybe the alligator). I'm saving the lamb for finals week to make stew so I can focus on studying...or something like that.

This has nothing to do with meat, but this is really funny and I had to put it on here.

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