Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Shoe #17

Not a hugely special post today. I've been so busy studying and getting ready for leaving tomorrow (the Army Ten Miler is this weekend!) that I haven't had time after my nice night off yesterday. But I did manage to snag two photos. I did love my outfit today. Kinda punkish, but comfy considering it started off at 40 degrees this morning and hit 80 this afternoon.

Supporting my (imaginary) house with my shirt. I threw my tights on, which are nice and warm, and a skirt, so I wasn't too warm. And added my flannel boots to that. I was comfy and not too hot or cold.

I don't know why I don't wear these more. They're pretty comfy. The only downside is they're not waterproof, so I can't wear them after it snows.

I'm off to my mom's tomorrow after a midterm (fun). I'll make sure to post my Weekly Wants on Friday and try to fill in some this weekend. If not, see you Monday!

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