Sunday, October 9, 2011

Army 10 Miler

Today, I punished my body hardcore. I haven't ran since the beginning of August and ran 10 miles today. I impressed myself and ran the first 5 before I started to run/walk.

My mom and I got there early to try and beat the crowds on the metro.


It was chilly out at 6:30 in the morning.

We dressed for the morning

However, I can't run with something tied around my waist and I'm picky about what I wear when I run, so I dropped the warmer clothes for what I'll actually run in.

That's the Pentagon in the background

I was chilly while waiting, but so thankful after the first mile. I get hot when I run and today was no different.

The crowed behind us

But I ran. And ran. And ran. I managed to convince myself to run the whole first half and a majority of mile 6 and 7. Mile 8 was my wall and I walked almost all of it. My feet were killing me, my knees ached and the asphalt was hot. Mile 9 was alluring, knowing you only have a mile left to go. But there was one last hill thrown in before the finish line. I managed to finish in (I think) about 2 hours or so.

I downed two bottles of water and two bananas as soon as I finished and made it to the end. After a while, Mom finished and joined me. We were exhausted and felt like old people.

But we both finished!! I was so proud of my Mom for running/walking and finishing her first running race.

Me with the Old Guard and Honor Guard

I'm still hurting and my lower back seized up, but I'm super proud of my Mom and I for finishing. I'm sure we'll do it again next year.

P.S. I count this as Shoe #18.

*My mom took all these pictures except the first one. I'm not coherent enough to do it that early.

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