Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring Break - Part Two

Our first stop was Grand Turks in the Turks & Cacos. The weather was gorgeous by the time we got to the beach and we hung out there for a while. That's our ship, with our room third from the front on the second row of windows from the top.
There was also a Margaritaville on the island, so of course I had to stop by:
I had a Banana-Apple Ice Cream drink of some kind. And I got to keep the glass. After that, it was time to get back on the boat. Our next stop was in San Juan, Puerto Rico. We got in about noon, so we go to watch the ship enter port. And it was SUPER windy on deck...
After reaching port, we knew we wanted to go to the Bacardi Distillery, but we were not about to pay the $44 the cruise ship offered to take us there. Instead, Tyler suggested asking the local hotel and they helped so much. Instead of the $44 for the tour, it was a 50 cent ferry ride across the harbor and a $3 taxi to the distillery = $14 total. Sadly, my Spanish only helped out a little, as a lot of the people we came across spoke English, except for our cab driver, who didn't really talk much anyways. The distillery tour was pretty cool and I would suggest it if you're ever in San Juan. You learn about the history, the family, and how to mix drinks, PLUS you get 2 little drinks - all for free! People were also giving us their drink tickets (I guess we looked like college students who would use them?), so in theory we could have had about 2 or 3 extra drinks as well.
Unfortunately, we didn't do much else in San Juan. We're broke college students and we went back to the boat for dinner and kinda just hung out (on our balcony) until we left. I would like to go back and stay a week or so in Puerto Rico (which Tyler did when he was younger - make sure to see the cows, he said).

Well, classes officially start again tomorrow and I have some catching up to do. So tomorrow I'll finish up the cruise and start on life back in Btown :)

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