Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I just want it to go away

The constant tinnitus hasn't stopped and I haven't gotten any of my hearing back yet, so I stopped by the health center today. Since I have some allergy issues, he wants those to clear up before he evaluates my ear. It may have something to do with it (I hope) and if it does then hopefully the allergy meds will help it clear up. And like he said, if I did permanent damage, a week wont change it. We'll see in a week how things go. It's not the partial hearing loss I mind so much (sadly) but the constant high-pitch whine that is ten times worse in silence. At least I haven't had any trouble sleeping yet. Please please please just go away.

The Delta Sigma Pi girls had qualifications tonight for Little 50 and did great! I personally think they qualified, but we'll have to wait for the official results to come out, hopefully tomorrow or the day after.

I made DELICIOUS burgers tonight, but managed to fill the apartment with smoke thanks to my cast iron skillet. I cut up some jalapenos and put them, seeds and all, into the burger meat, along with chipotle seasoning. I mixed that all up and cooked them in my cast iron skillet, since I couldn't find the mini-propane tank for my little grill. The result was a smoke-filled apartment because of the grease and slightly raw burgers. I like my burgers thick, which is fine for the grill. So I had to throw them in the microwave to finish them off or risk setting off all the smoke alarms in my apartment. We put them on toasted kaiser rolls with tomato and a chipotle mayo. It was spicy but really good. I personally can't handle a lot of spice, so I ate about half my burger. But Tyler likes spicy foods and finished off his and the rest of mine. Tomorrow I'm making some stir fry, so we'll see how that goes. I actually have a wok thanks to my dad, so it shouldn't be too bad.

Random shirt I would like, or even as a sign. Just like I'd love one of those mirrors that has the mustaches etched on them. Gotta love Stumble.

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