Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Spring Break Ahoy!

I can already see the disapproving look from Jenny, but I went for a quick tan yesterday and managed to burn myself. But in my defense, I will be on a cruise in warm weather for a week and I'd rather burn here than there. Which got me thinking about Spring Break plans and the difference between mine and my friends'. My boyfriend and I are going on a 7-day cruise to the Eastern Caribbean on Holland America which, according to the travel agent, is for an "older" crowd than us - in other words, not a party boat. Which is perfectly fine with me. To me, Spring Break should emphasize the "Break" part. I'm all for going out every once in a while for a good time with my friends, but a whole week of it? I would be drained after a night. My idea of a break is sitting around by a pool or on a beach, reading books I wanna read and jumping into the water every now and then. A lot of my (male) friends are heading to Florida to party for the week. Thinking about that just makes me tired, but to each his own.
Am I the only one who would rather chill for a week than go out and be drunk for 7 days straight? I do go to IU, so it's not like I can't do that here normally :)

For all of you unaware of what Stumble is, its this AMAZING website/tool bar that takes you to random websites you would have never thought to visit or never knew existed. Its very addicting and I have been known to Stumble throughout an entire class. I introduced it to my boyfriend and now all he does is Stumble throughout class. My bad. If you wanna check it out, you can find it here.

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    it's called sunscreen! and i hope you remembered to take some on your trip with you. tan=wrinkles!
    although my boss poked me in the leg a couple months ago and said "you are so white, you need a tan" when i told her i burn, she said "so get a spray tan!"