Sunday, July 10, 2011

Why Doesn't My Armory Have AC Again?

I had drill this weekend. An entire weekend of cleaning weapons. That I didn't fire. In an un-air-conditioned building. It was a pretty boring and miserably hot weekend of getting really dirty. I didn't leave Friday night, but early Saturday morning instead.
This is what I get for leaving
I got there early of course and cleaned a M249 SAW on Saturday (I'm ADD about cleaning weapons...they have to be perfect) and a M240B on Sunday. My hands turned black and I sweat through my shirt just from sitting there. It was about 90 degrees all weekend and our armory has no AC. The outside looks great and was renovated a couple years back, but no AC. So it was even hotter inside the building from lack of air flow. Shove together 50 people in a hot building doing something really boring and you get alot of people sleeping and alot of pissed off people. Can you guess which one I was?

Luckily, I had friends there to hang out with and we got out at a decent time on Sunday, so that I made it back home before 6pm. AND someone was competent enough to help me with a pay problem. So that made up for alot of things. I am now happily back in my apartment, showered and hanging out with my cats. In air-conditioning. It's great.

I leave you with a video of Bella panting. She chases the hairtie so much sometimes that she literally pants like a dog.
I try to make her calm down and relax a while after she starts doing that, but she is so spazed out that she just keeps running. Silly dog-kitty.

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