Thursday, July 14, 2011

It Must Be a Full Moon Tonight

I had no idea it was a full moon tonight, but it makes sense. Tom has been acting strange all day. He decided 6 am was enough time for me to sleep and was a constant pain until I got up at 7:15. I then came back after my first class to take a nap, and he decided to be ornery about ten minutes until I was going to wake up. He kept clawing at my blanket, didn't want to lay down, and was generally just being a butt. He even growled at Timmy. And while I was watching a show during dinner, this is what I got:
Mr. Diva today
I got a pissy look from him and he wouldn't let me pet him. I hope it's just because of the full moon cause I don't want to deal with this past today.

I'm headed off to the Harry Potter double feature, in 3D, and should be home around 3am :)

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