Thursday, July 21, 2011

Operation T-shirt Blanket: End of Mission

My masterpiece
In under a week, I finished! It took more work than I expected, mainly the basting of everything before I could sew it. But I'm super happy with how it turned out. Is is the most perfect quilt ever made? No. There are obvious flaws, like the fact that not all the t-shirts line up with one another. And some of the stitching is questionable. And there is extra fleece in some areas. But am I proud of it? Damn straight! I made it myself and all the imperfections just make it more special to me. And all the t-shirts hold memories for me. (And it got them out of my closet and somewhere where I will actually use them often). I'm pretty happy right now.

Of course, I got the approval from everyone as well.
Pretty content with the quilt
Really only laid on it because I kept telling her not to
Kept sneaking on it when I wasn't looking
I'm pretty sure that it's legit once I have their approval. And for how often they tried to sit on it while I was still working on it, it will be a popular blanket. Or maybe that's only BECAUSE I was working on it. Maybe the later. Either way, I'm glad to be done. I may do another one after I graduate with all my Kilroy's shirts. But this one is good for now :)

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