Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Definitely a College Student

How can I tell that I am totally a college student? It's not the fact that I'm procrastinating horribly over this paper (which I am), it's my dinner tonight.

What am I having that screams "STUDENT"?

A combination of foods I had hanging out in my kitchen. Kinda like a cheap Chopped. I started with Bacon Cheeseburger Hamburger Helper (minus the hamburger of course). I added the two hotdogs sitting in my fridge, along with the leftover shredded cheese and a can of corn. I had to add a handful of pasta or it would have been a cheese soup with stuff in it. And it has that bacon flavor. It's actually pretty good.
Why Yes, I am in college. Why do you ask?
And it's even in a tupperware bowl. Easier to mix, easier to eat out of and one less dish to clean when I have to put it in the fridge. I can claim being a college student now. After college, I'm just going to claim I'm a recent grad. After that....I'm just inventive?

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