Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I'm learning

I'm slowly learning not to be as stressed out as I can normally get.

I found out yesterday that a paper for class I thought was due next week was actually due tomorrow. Instead of freaking out, I just moved my time table up and tightened my belt. I managed to knock out the outline and a good chunk of the paper last night and today. I can stop procrastinating if I have to :)

I also have alot of Spanish homework for tonight and an in-class writing to study for as well (they give us a topic and we write for a half hour about it - definitely need to study for it). And of course the cats have somewhat revolted and I have to pick up normal kitty litter tonight.

But I'm not stressed about it. It'll be ok and if I have to go to bed just a little later, that's fine too. I like not stressing out and will always choose it if I can (and sometimes I just can't).

Probably one of my favorite photo-bombs ever
I hope everyone else is having a stress-less day as well :)

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