Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Restaurant Tallent: Round Two

Jess and I have been planning to go Restaurant Tallent for their summer menu for a while and we decided that today was a good day for it. OMG was the food amazing. Melt in your mouth awesome. And of course I took pictures of everything. For appetizers, I had:
A tartare trio of beef, tuna and eggplant. The eggplant had a frozen water piece on top and was awesome.
Jess had:
A seared sea scallop with BBQ Rib succotash, pommes anna and a bourbon sherry gastrique. I tried a bit of the succotash and it was really good and had a nice BBQ flavor.
For dinner, I had a farm pork trio with jalapeno cheddar grits, grilled cabbage slaw and a pickled cherry gastrique. The trio was a pork loin wrapped in bacon with a piece of pork belly on top.
I don't know if I can even describe how amazing it was. The loin literally melted in my mouth. As did the pork belly. The peaches and onions on the side went perfectly with it. The slaw had a nice grilled flavor. I ate my dish really slowly. How one earth does he get pork to melt in your mouth? Mine never has and now I want to know. So good.
Jess had rabbit boudin with tasso and creamed corn macque choux, mustard greens and chanterelle gravy. I had a piece of her rabbit and it was cooked perfectly. The mixture underneath was just as good as the succotash and had a similar bbq flavor.
Of course we had dessert. We would be silly not to. Jess had the poppy-seed angle food cake french toast with fresh peaches and rosewater and vanilla bean ice cream.
She was pretty excited
It was delicious and I imagine it was great with peaches and ice cream. I had the Trader's Point Creamery yogurt tart with local blackberries, pistachios, and oregano infused garlic.
I wish I could have licked my plate. The yogurt made the tart so heavenly and creamy that it just melted in my mouth. The honey and blackberries gave it an extra sweetness. Jess and I both made the "I'm so happy" face at the same time.

I'm excited for the restaurant to change it's menu to late summer or fall so I can try some more new dishes. I don't go everyday, but a nice treat like this makes everything seem right in the world. We were much happier and less stressed after having such an amazing dinner. A good Wednesday night.

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